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May 2017 – Get 20% Off your Purchase with Campsaver Coupons! Read our review of this Outdoor Superstore. There are many different products that people could use for camping purposes and Campsaver makes it easy for all people who want to go camping to order the different products that they might require.

Campsaver is a very convenient website that will provide all camping enthusiasts with access to a large variety of products. The site has many special offers for customers looking for quality products to use during their camping trips.

Campsaver Coupons

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Campsaver Review

campsaver couponCampsaver was founded in 2003 as a startup business out of Logan, Utah. The site was created to give people access to top-quality camping products at discount values. The company has grown over the years to include two different warehouses with a third one opening very soon.

The company has stocked many big-name brands in its warehouse over the years and continues to grow in size. Today there are thousands of products to choose from on this site.

What Campsaver Offers

Customers who look for camping products at Campsaver can find just about every product one could ever require for a camping trip. These include tents, sleeping, cooking materials, lanterns, hammocks and even portable power and solar power products.

Climbing products are also available for sale at Campsaver. All accessories needed for climbing are available including helmets, harnesses, hangers and picks.

Travel products can also be found including backpacks, gear bags and duffel bags. These can store all the necessary camping materials that anyone might require.

There are also individual apparel sections for men, women and kids. All members of the family can contact Campsaver for details on different kinds of camping apparel including jackets, hats and gloves, thermal apparel and more. People can even order a variety of different kinds of shoes including running shoes and hiking shoes alike.

These products and many more come from all of the top names in the world of camping and outdoor gear and apparel. Customers can shop by brand for products from Black Diamond, Mammut, Marmot, Patagonia and Smartwool among several others. There are hundreds of different brands to choose from.

Using the Campsaver Website

The Campsaver website has a design that includes several sections on the top of the page. These sections are organized based on the activities one wants to engage in or the types of clothing that is needed. The user can then mouse over each section to find individual subsections to buy products from. For instance, a customer can mouse over the Footwear section to find shoes, socks and boots for men, women and kids. This section is designed with many individual smaller spaces in mind.

Customers can then buy products from different sections by reviewing the names and pictures of the products for sale. The individual product pages on the website include details on all of the products that are open and answers to many questions that people may have about certain products.

Reviews are also available from many prior customers. These include reviews detailing how these products are used and if there are any benefits or drawbacks that come from these individual products.

It’s also easy to see what products are available for sale. The price adjustments that have been used for individual products are fully listed on this site.

The left hand margin of a section will also allow customers to easily adjust the parameters they have for searching for individual items. Customers can search for items based on the sub-category for something, the size of an item, its features, the brand that makes the product and even the product’s color.

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Ordering Campsaver Products

The process of ordering products from the Campsaver website is easy for the average customer to manage. After clicking on the Add to Cart button on an individual product page, the customer will have the option to either continue shopping for products or to buy what’s in the shopping cart as it is.

The customer can order products by entering in one’s shipping and credit card information. Campsaver takes all major credit cards but people can also use PayPal to pay for their items if they prefer to go in that route.

Customers can then choose to utilize free standard shipping. It takes about five to ten business days for a shipment to come out. Expedited shipping from UPS and Priority or Express Mail services from the USPS are also available. All products are shipped from Logan so it may take longer for people on the eastern part of the country to get their orders.

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Special Campsaver Deals & Promotions

The discounts that people can enjoy on this site will vary based on the products they order. People can enjoy all sorts of different discounts by checking on individual sections and clicking on the On Sale marker on the left hand side of the screen. This allows people to filter the results on a section to include only products that are discounted.

Customers can also go to the Campsaver Outlet. This is located on the top left corner of the screen on a red bar and will bring people to discontinued and overstocked products that are available at a discount. These include many products that are available for 30% of more off of their original prices.

Customers can also get some special discounts by using different coupon codes that can be worth up to 20% off of various brands. However, these codes tend to be good for specific sections of the site and for specific brands. These codes are also able to work for only a limited amount of time. People can easily find these codes right on the site’s front page although it is often easier for people to go to third party sites to find a larger variety of such discounts.

People can also sign up for the site’s monthly newsletter to get a special discount. Customers who sign up can get 10% off of their first orders.


Campsaver is a useful website that will give people all sorts of great deals on a variety of products. These products are helpful for many camping activities and are available from many top name brands with a number of strong discounts. These include discounts that come from very exclusive offers.

Campsaver Coupons – 4.7 out of 5 based on 127 votes.