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What Is The Clymb?

The Clymb was formed as a membership-based website devoted to helping people learn more about the many different types of outdoor equipment that can be used in order to stay active and ready for any experience. The site sells many products including gear for climbing, cycling, snow activities and more.

The main goal that the site holds is to encourage people to head outdoors and partake in all sorts of activities. These include many activities devoted to helping people learn to explore the world around them and to see just how amazing it can truly be.

How is The Clymb Able to Offer Amazing Discounts?

The discounts that are gathered off of this site include ones that are made possible through a Groupon-style process. That is, the site will buy products from a variety of brands. Much of this entails the use of overstock or outdated products that need to be unloaded as quickly as possible. The Clymb is able to take in these materials and buy them at bulk, thus allowing them to sell these products at strong discounts. It benefits both the site and the customer alike.

The discounts are often negotiated between the Clymb and the labels that sell these products. The process helps with the purpose of getting discounts ready.

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How Can a Person Become a Member of The Clymb?

Customers will have to sign up with the Clymb to get access to the many discounts on this site. Fortunately, membership on this site is completely free.

A customer can sign up either by email or through Facebook. All information is collected for research and data-collection purposes but the data will always be kept secure from everyone. This is to ensure that nothing wrong is going to come about when trying to get different discounts made available.

The number of members who have gotten onto the site has especially grown over the years. The site has grown to where it has more than a million customers.

The process for setting up an account on the website is not all that difficult to handle. It is a process that works quickly and is very easy for anyone to handle.

What Products can I Buy at The Clymb?

The products that are sold on the Clymb website include many that are devoted to helping people enjoy many outdoor experiences. Customers can buy an extensive variety of products like shoes, camping materials, backpacks and more.

There are individual sections on this site that are devoted to men and women. These include different sections that cover outfits for men and women alike. The products for sale in these sections are all provided from many top-name brands like Asics, Pacsafe and Orca among many other brands.

The site has its many sections divided up into different activities as well. There are specific sections that are available for camping desires, cycling activities, fitness-related activities and snow-related functions among many others.

All sections on the site are organized on the top of the screen. These sections will provide people with all the different options they might have an interest in when it comes to finding products of value.

Many of the products that are available on this site are for seasonal activities. These include such popular activities as skiing, skating and rock climbing. The products are all organized quite well but the selection of products for people to choose from will certainly vary based on the time of the year when different products are being made available. All deals that are offered here are made to give people access to a number of fine products.

Are Exclusives Available?

Some exclusive products are available for sale through the site. These exclusives include many options that cover hiking, camping and cycling products. The types of exclusive products for people to check out are interesting for all to see but it is best for people to come these products with one another when finding options of interest.

What Discounts and Promotions Are There?

There are many special discounts and promotions that are available for people to explore on the Clymb. These are made exclusively to members on the site.

  • The particular discounts that are available will vary by each item but they are rather dramatic in terms of their values. These include discounts of up to 90% off of different items on sale.
  • Some special daily discounts are available to where people can get 10 off or 20 off of their orders. These are one-day events that are very popular and will provide people with some strong deals that are often worthwhile.
  • Free shipping is available on some orders as well. Free shipping is open when a customer orders a Clymb shirt or hoodie.
  • Customers can get special deals on select purchases as well. A customer’s first purchase will always come with a $10 discount. This is one of the top features on the site as it encourages people to take a closer look at whatever is available for sale.

It is typically best to look at the top section of the main website to get details on the different promotions that are going on at a given time. The discount options that are open will be listed up at the top of the section and will include a mix of both long-term promotion offers and some daily sales.

In addition, people can also refer their friends to the site and get some big discounts out of anything that have an interest in. A customer can invite one’s friends over to the site and get $10 off of an order for every referral that is successfully made. This is a popular promotion but people will have to ensure that those that they refer to the site are able to make an appropriate purchase before being able to get a discount.

Is the Site On Comparison Shopping Sites?

Unlike many other companies, the Clymb does not get its products listed on different comparison shopping sites. That is, the site is not going to show up on websites devoted to showing people the variety of prices that are available for certain products currently on the market. Members-only websites are typically prohibited from getting access to many of these comparison sites. This is especially the case with regards to the Clymb and all of the many things that it has to offer right now.

This is a fascinating concept as it shows that the Clymb is looking to potentially bring in more people at a given time by offering exclusive deals that are not easy to find elsewhere. The members-only status of the site is a big part of what makes the Clymb so popular but it is also a key aspect as to why the site cannot be found on other pages that show the values of different products for sale.

Is There a The Clymb Mobile App?

There is a mobile application available for use but the Clymb only has one that works for Apple-powered devices. It is unclear as to whether or not a version for Android devices will be released at any point in the future.

The Clymb mobile app allows people to surf a mobile version of the site. Customers can look for items that are available for sale and get information on the daily discounts that are offered here. All the information that is posted on the regular site can be easily accessed right off of this mobile site.

The app can even link up with one’s credit card or other payment option. This is to make it easier for a person to get a transaction facilitated as quickly as possible.

What Are the Current The Clymb Adventures?

One of the most popular aspects of the Clymb is that the site offers a number of different adventures for people to take a look at. The website sells many of its different travel offers through the section on the top of the screen labeled “Adventures.”

The activities are ones that are designed to provide people with an extensive variety of unique experiences that are different from what anyone in the world could every expect to see. These are adventures that have been set up and established by many prominent travel agencies.

The adventures that are open include a variety of travel opportunities. These include cycling, safari, hiking and camping trips in some of the most attractive places around the world. There are many different opportunities to explore in spaces like Yosemite, Italy, Tanzania, Peru and the Himalayas among many other popular spots.

There are even a few longer adventures for people to look into while here. These include extended courses and semesters devoted to all sorts of special activities and even jobs that people can participate in at different parks and recreational sites. There are options like a wilderness EMT course in Montana that takes about a day plus a medicine seminar in the same area that goes on for two months.

The cost of each adventure will vary based on where it is and how long it will go on for. Many of these trips can be found for less than a thousand dollars. These include options that are available for about 25% or more off of their original values.

These are great discounts to explore but it is important to get one’s reservations ready as soon as possible. Many of these adventures are listed for only a few days at a given time due to how the options only have a certain number of slots for reservations and have to be taken at specific times.

How Does The Clymb Inform Members of New Offers?

One fascinating aspect of this website comes from how the site informs people on a regular basis to let them know about the many things that they can enjoy using. The Stories section of the Clymb website is a big part of what makes it so popular.

The Stories section lists information on the many great things about nature that people can explore. These include places that are popular for hiking, climbing, skiing and biking among other things.

There are also articles on this section of the site that help people learn more about different things they can do when preparing for anything. There are articles that entail tips on how to be more proficient in workouts plus tips on how to prepare for activities and what to do during certain situations in the event that they ever come about.

Stories about the many products that are available for sale on this site are also posted here. These stories entail looks at the many features that come with these products and how well they can be used for one’s workouts. The information that is posted here include points that show just how unique certain products are and what makes them so special and attractive to have. There are even stories here about the many exclusive products that are available.


The deals and products that are being offered right now on the Clymb are all options that are attractive and guaranteed to be useful to all people who want to find the best possible outdoor experiences. The Clymb is a members-only site that offers a number of big discounts and values that make it one of the top destinations in the world with regards to buying only the finest products and getting into some of the best possible experiences that one could ever explore.

All of the offers that are available for sale are useful for many of the needs that people hold. These are all great choices that are attractive and can do more for the demands that people often hold when trying to get good products without having spend far too much money at a given time.